METAIR uses a TTC-ECO-DIMO as a platform for measuring instruments of all kind. The advantages of this self-triggering, two-seated motor glider are the very quiet operation, the low petrol usage, a travel speed of 150 up to 200km/h and a maximum flight time of five hours.
Attached below the wings are two so-called “underwingpods” (aerodynamically optimized containers). These can each be equipped with a maximum of 50kg of measuring instruments (scientific equipment).

More detailed specifications about our all-purpose motor glider you can find HERE.

We offer a wide range of measuring systems (meteorological, chemical, remote sensing). The measuring system can be modified, extended or reorganized at any time to meet your specific requests.

DIMO Nordholz Cyril 17
Photo Cyril Hertz during the Flight Test Lab of the two Universities of Applied Sciences of Aachen and Zurich in August 2016, based in Nordholz/Spieka near Cuxhaven. METAIR-DIMO in flight over the North Sea. In the right hand underwing pod (left in picture), the standard meteorological instrumentation (temperature, humidity, CO2 and wind) is installed, whereas in the LH pod, a new airborne laser system was tested.