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METAIR-DIMO during the FTL (Flight Test Lab) of the two Universities of Applied Sciences Aachen and Zurich (ZHAW) in August 2016. Picture see HERE Shortly after this, we documented methane emissions from the natural gas fields near Groningen, Netherlands. See Yacovich et al. in the list of publications  
In August 2012, METAIR was participating in C-MapExp  - a joint project with the University of Bremen and FU Berlin, funded by ESA: Blog 1: a-new-campaign-to-measure-atmospheric-carbon/Blog 2: first-flights/Blog 3: nothing-but-blue-skies/Blog 4: reflecting-on-the-c-mapexp-campaign/ Results of the campaign see Publications
We are able to help you to find, assess and explain model calculations for the dispersion of possible ash clouds over Europe according to As we proofed a year ago, we can also take airborne measurements (Project EYJA, Paper or Press release).